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Satirically Staffing Shafted Çhaff

Intro –

This is a venting game for people fed up with corporate bureaucracy and the fallout that comes as a result.  You will at first realize the hypocrisy of the system and then seek another way.

            Maybe you have a job; you’re a useless cog in the corporate machine.  More likely, you have just been laid off, or maybe you haven't had a job for a while, unable to find the energy to expend on being insignificant.  You don't really work, regardless – at least for someone else, scrap that, something else – you want to help people, not faceless monoliths, because the monoliths don't want to help you.  'Monolith' is an apt term: something massive and unchanging, especially a large and long-established organization that is slow to change, uniform in character, and difficult to deal with on a human level.  That is what you are up against.

Technology has helped those who have the money, not have a care in the world.  If a person goes through the system set forth by no one, least of all they, then they too can join these ranks of being 'happy'.  Oblivious to the toils of those below them maybe, but 'happy' nonetheless…  They had good grades in high school, studied a predefined STEM program in college, and have a nice career managing others who actually do the work.  People there seem to care, but this looks like a trap to a false sense of closeness, when really they hide an internal grossness.  This idea of gaining a broken system, just to maintain its façade, doesn't really appeal to you, for some reason.  You don't want to join this group that currently consists of lonely people, each in their own world of shared isolation.  How could you seek comfort from these likeminded nobodies?  Of course, you are more than a bit lonely yourself; all of your once friends having gradually been pushed into the system.  And not having a job, nor the effort to create one yourself, makes you one step from being like a growing percentage of the population, the homeless, invalid, 'mentally ill' (wouldn't anyone be ill if they needed to constantly fight to not live on the streets, literally feet away from drugs, booze, and crime?).  So you reluctantly have decided to go to a job fair and try to fake being interested enough to actually stand a chance of being noticed.

You have the standard weapons at your disposal: resumes, your best outfit (not much, but still…), and tons of caffeine.  You head into the fray.

You see the standard type of companies that frequent such a gathering: your financial companies; your multinational engineering firms that siphon a considerable amount of tax payers money to make incredibly sophisticated methods of killing people; the colleges that beckon you to think only in the lines that will get that grade or grant because they have time for nothing else, institutionalized packaging of pedantically prosaic people…

You quickly regret coming, but decide to engage with some random company if only to keep your speaking abilities in some resemblance of working order. 





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